Hello world!

Hello world indeed. Here I am in all my 5’1″ glory. I have things to say. I am currently sandwiched between my almost 15 year old son, who just finished criticizing my choice of blog title with a disapproving face twist and my 10 year old who is reluctantly doing his homework, claiming that Websters dictionary doesn’t have any of the words in it he is trying to look up. Does he really think I believe that  “dentistry” is so little used, that Websters deems it unnecessary to list?

I am a sales trainer for Hair Club for Men and Managing Director of the Austin center. In my former life, I helped lots of people lose weight and correct their diets. In my former former life, I was a successful women’s counselor and motivational speaker in the public school system.  Yes I  believe in current life reincarnation, sort of.  I haven’t necessarily “re invented” myself. But I have allowed my gifts to be used differently in different seasons and always followed my heart. I think that ‘s more flattering than, “I have an attention deficit life.” Somehow so far, this is how God has ordered my steps and in the process I have had the unique opportunity to see many lives improved in different ways.

I’m going to post articles I’ve written about sales, weight loss and other personal developement entries I hope are at least entertaining and at most, make me famous. Let’s get real.

Just kidding. I want to help others learn the secrets to creating life strategies that work to improve the things that matter.

Happy future reading, world 🙂


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