HI, my name is Purpose, how can I help you?

Having trouble getting going in the morning? Do you feel like you are peeling your eyelids off of eyeballs that just want more sleeeeep?

As I read my sisters post on Facebook this morning about how she wouldn’t get to stay in bed and enjoy the sludgy rainy cold from under her cozy covers, because she had clinicals, I made a note.  This girl has been in school while simultaneously raising two beautiful little girls for longer than most doctors are in med school. Ten years she’s been at it. She juggled mothering, being a wife and making a home every day, while inching her way through all her basics to finally get to nursing school. She still has two years left.

I wanted to cry as I started to post a sarcastic, yet encouraging message to her, as sisters do. My heart swelled with admiration as I considered what her main motivators must be. I know her well and I understand that she wants a better living for her family, she wants to be a good example to the girls and she wants to like what she does. But those are all what I call “fringe motivators”. Kind of like “fringe benefits”. They aren’t the main reason you do something, they are extras.

Sophia dreams of making a difference. She imagines meeting nervous moms, about to bring new life into the world and becoming their coach, their friend and one of the first faces their new baby will see. I know that when she is exhausted and sick to tears of reading one more chapter about dosing, she must imagine the exhilaration of making a pivotal moment in a women’s life, better than she ever thought possible. It’s this that sweetens the goodbye to her little ones, every day.

When the bed is warm and the vision of the back of your eyelids is more comforting than the vision of your “work”, think with purpose. Imagine meeting someone today through your “job” who needs you. They don’t just need what you “do”, they need YOU. Imagine they come in contact with you and they see your warmth, your genuine interest in them, your concern for making their life better. Think on the impact this will have on those who encounter you. What can you give them, that they can’t get every day, from others in your line of work? Decide what you will offer that is unique to you, unique to your understanding of your purpose and your character.

Choose to be big today. Choose to be unforgettable. Choose to make a difference. Your imprint on others by caring about the details, caring about their experience and imparting something priceless, is what  brings a deep sense of purpose to any day, any job and any person. We were “made” to make a difference.

It’s death to feel a lack of purpose, punching a clock to fill your day with “must dos” at a J-O-B. It’s life to know how you impact others. Choose life and love your work!


4 thoughts on “HI, my name is Purpose, how can I help you?

  1. When purpose is stirring in your heart, purpose is what you live and breathe. You dream about it day and night. You speak and write about it to encourage others to fulfill purpose. You cannot imagine life without it. If you can stir purpose in just one person, your efforts are worthwhile. Whether or not anyone listens, you will not be deterred. You will continue to run the race with purpose in mind. Well done, my daughter!

    • Thank you so much for your continued support in so many ways. I know through and through that every “one” counts and I am so grateful that you see my heart in the message. You are spot on about how constantly I consider the importance of inspiring others. Your thoughtful consideration of what I write means so much to me!

  2. sophia says:

    I am so honored to have been inspiration for a post. you are so great!! love to you my sister. i am so blessed to have been matched up with you! you are motivating to me as well you know.

    • Thank you so much my sister! You are my inspiration for many things. I love you so much and your persistent pursuit of your purpose inspires me more than even my post implies. You are wonderful!

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